Our Story

In 2015 Caring for Kids Foundation was founded by Tammy Schamuhn; a Registered Psychologist who has a passion for working with children who have been affected by trauma. Caring for Kids is a registered non-profit foundation that provides counselling for children affected by abuse and domestic violence. This program is specifically targeting families in Leduc and surrounding communities who cannot afford the specialized mental health treatment needed to help them move forward from the brutalities they have experienced. 

 Services are provided by counselors and psychologists from Family Counselling Centres locations in Leduc and Beaumont.

As a society, we must create communities where abuse is not tolerated, and where victims of abuse receive what they need to heal and have renewed hope for a future free of abuse. Our mission to help children heal from such circumstances who cannot otherwise access the services they need. 


What is the Impact on Children Who are Abused???

Short Term Effects

  • Generalized anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Nightmares
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Increased aggression
  • Increased anxiety about being separated from a parent
  • Intense worry about their safety or the safety of a parent

Long Term Effects

  • Physical health problems
  • Behaviour problems in adolescence (e.g., juvenile delinquency, alcohol, substance abuse)
  • Emotional difficulties in adulthood (e.g., depression, anxiety disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD], self-harm, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, prostitution)
  • Poor school performance (impaired ability to concentrate; difficulty in completing school work; and lower scores on measures of verbal, motor, and social skills).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If it’s a non-profit program…why do you need money?

Non-profit means that the company does not profit financially 
from this program. Every program (non-profit or for-profit) cost something to be able to run – for photocopies, for staff, for extra supplies needed to make each program successful (e.g. toys for children, cost of caring for the horses for the equine assisted sessions).

2. Where do donated monies go?

Donated monies for the Caring for Kids Foundation go to children who will be able to access specialized counselling services including but not limited to: play therapy, individual counselling, family ​therapy, canine-assisted therapy, and equine assisted counselling. Family Counselling Centres Inc provides the services for the foundation then invoices Caring for Kids Foundation on a monthly basis for its expenses such as the cost of the therapy, which are reduced by 56% of their standard fee for this program, and any supplies needed for the participants of this program. An exact breakdown of the costs previously invoiced for is available to the public upon request and financial records will be available through Canada Revenue Agency in 2017.

3. Will I get a Charitable Receipt for my taxes?

Caring for Kids Foundation cannot give charitable receipts despite holding non-profit status with Canada Revenue Agency; however, if anyone who donates is a business owner they can receive a receipt for advertising as we will have a section on the website for sponsors. Any donations exceeding $500.00 will also qualify for a banner to be placed with the company’s logo at our equine facility.

4. How do I make a donation?

You can write a cheque to “Caring for Kids Foundation.” Please mail donations to Caring for Kids Foundation c/o Family Counselling Centres Inc Box 5492 Leduc, Alberta T9E 6L7. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated, and make a difference to Leduc and Area families in need.

5. Who is responsible for this program?

Family Counselling Centres is primarily responsible for the service administration involved in the Caring for Kids Foundation.