Donations of any monetary amount are greatly appreciated. Donations will go to children who will be able to access specialized counselling services including but not limited to: play therapy, individual counselling, family therapy, canine-assisted therapy, and equine assisted counselling.

"Adopt a Therapy Animal Program"

We also have program where companies or individuals can sponsor our therapy animals we use for our program which helps cover the costs of feed, shelter, and veterinary care. A horse stall will be named after the company, a plague of recognition with the horses picture and companies name will be given to the organization supporting that animals, and a banner with the company logo will be placed in our equine arena at Mystic Meadows.

Sponsor a Child

Companies or individuals can sponsor a child's therapeutic treatment. The child will receive minimally 12 sessions of therapy and meetings will be held with the caregiver of the child to learn how to best support them as they begin to heal from their abuse. The cost to treat one child ranges from $750.00 to $1950.00 depending on the skill level of the therapist and whether the treatment involves Equine Assisted Counselling.